You can watch a selection of my previous presentations, panels, and speaking engagements here.


CultureBlast July: International Arts and Artists at Hillyer

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Hillyer presents a moderated discussion with artists Jackie Hoysted, Katherine Akey Lee, Michele Banks, and Cory Oberndorfer, reflecting on their artist residency experiences in cooler climates ranging from Ireland to the Arctic Circle. Talks will be followed by audience Q&A and a reception featuring frozen treats!


Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

On November 11, 1918, the armistice that would end World War I officially came into effect. One hundred years later, it is important to reflect on a war that irrevocably altered the world as it was, and left in its wake a legacy that still impacts us today. Supported by the Richard Lounsbery Foundation, this program will highlight the new historical research of Carnegie Council’s First World War Fellows. Speakers will include: Katherine Akey – "Collective Memory and the Hidden Photographic Narratives of World War I"

Learn more about the program and my research as a Carnegie Council Fellow here. You can also read a transcript of the talk given at the Carnegie Council by visiting this page.

Artist as Time Traveler: Reflecting on Time and History to Expand our Understanding of Contemporary Culture

I was part of this panel organized by Hillyer and the Washington Sculptors Group at the Center for Hellenic Studies. It was an opportunity to hear how artists across the world examine time and history to influence their contemporary practices, featuring myself, Dr. Katia Arfara, and Patricia Sannit.